Software Projects

Apple Macintosh


Here is a small overview of projects on Mac OS I was/are working on:

  • while working for Emagic/Apple
    • MainStage I am the Sr. Software Engineering Manager for MainStage, MainStage lets keyboardists, guitarists, and other musicians perform with software instruments and effects through a full-screen interface designed specifically for the stage.
    • Logic Pro The industry-leading application for music creation and audio production dramatically broadens the capabilities of computer-based studio environments with Logic Pro 7
    • GarageBand GarageBand lets you easily perform, record and create your own music
    • USB driver for the AMT8 MIDI USB driver for the AMT8/Unitor8 and MT4
    • VMR The virtual multitrack recorder for the Audiowerk8, Audiowerk8 drivers
    • ZAP lossless compressing for audio files
  • ISDN Config (German only) software for configuring the ISTEC ISDN telephone system, also known as “ISTEC Config”
  • Hans geht zur Post (German only) MausTausch software for the german MausNet
  • mastercast. Database for photo models with pictures
  • Transfile Mac IQ (German only) connect a Sharp Organizer to the Macintosh and edit the data on the Macintosh
  • enableATA6 enables ATA6 support on e.g. a Macintosh Cube to support >128MB drives.

Atari ST

images.jpg Sigma-Soft developed several real classics on the Atari ST, like TurboAss, Bugaboo and MidiMaze 2, well known by many Atari fans. Here are the latest versions. I can't give any support for it, also registration is no longer possible (I don't own an Atari for several years)

  • TurboAss & Bugaboo The fast assembler/editor/debugger for the Atari ST
  • MidiMaze II One of the first multi-player first-person shooter games, see also at Wikipedia
  • HyperText HyperText is a text-only very fast hypertext engine for the Atari ST
  • Calamus->MF Converts Calamus vector fonts into METAFONT fonts for the TeX system.
  • THINK and WORK A small game published in the Happy Computer magazine, written by Johann Schilcher for the Atari XL. I copied the levels and wrote the game from the scratch for the Atari ST. It was published with the source code together with the TurboAss.

Apple Newton

apple_newton_mp_2000.jpg We developed some programs for the Apple Newton, here are a few of them:

Sample code

In this category I've posted a few sample codes that might be useful for others


Waves GTR Ground MIDI protocol


The Waves GTR Ground is a MIDI foot controller with 11 buttons and 2 foot pedals. It has three 15-segment LEDs for seven buttons, plus two LEDs and brightness control for the LEDs. I've figured out the protocol.

Inside protocol information about Suunto dive computers

Because nobody at Suunto wanted to help me, when I planed to create my own software to read the divelog data from my Suunto EON, Spyder and Cobra, I had to reverse engineer the protocol. I now cover the Suunto EON/Solution/Vario protocol, the Suunto Spyder protocol and the Suunto Cobra, Vyper, Stinger, Mosquito, Gekko and Vytec protocol. I also figured out the protocol for the D6 and D9.

Well, here is what I found out.

Atari ST/STE/TT Information

Atari ST Copy Protections

I reverse engineered the protection of a bunch of games to help emulator developers.

Sharp IQ/ZQ Organizer Information


Here some old technical information I found under my desk while cleaning up:

  • CE-131T.pdf Manual for the CE-131T RS232 interface for the Sharp IQ/ZQ Organizer
  • CE-133T.pdf Manual for the CE-133T RS232 interface for the Sharp IQ/ZQ Organizer
  • SharpElectronicOrganizer.pdf Sharp IQ/ZQ Organizer communication protocoll for the serial port (1.8MB, PDF)

Atari Portfolio Information


Here some old technical information I found under my desk while cleaning up:

Sharp PC-E500 Information


Here some old technical information I found under my desk while cleaning up:

Futura Aquarium Computer Information

This is a source for the Future aquarium computer, which is no longer existed for a long time, but it was a little Z80 computer with sensors.

Germans in Silicon Valley

If you are looking for (german) information about living in Silicon Valley, check out this website:

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